Planning Options

Draft Designs

You may want to consider your options further, without developing them fully for a planning or building control submission. If that is the case then I’ll undertake an accurate measurement survey and produce drawings with draft proposals for you to consider further. You can draw up rough sketches of your plan, and then I’ll produce the planning drawing to fully meet your requirements.

Planning Application Package

You may have already decided on an option you wish to take forward; in which case, the preparation of the detailed planning application package, including the drawings, is the next step. To do this, I’ll use the agreed draft drawings and extend and finalise them ready to submit for the planning application together with any relevant documentation and electronically application forms.

For more information about how the planning process works – see our page that explains The Planning Process.

Click here to see some more sample planning drawings.

Building Control Application Package

The building control information drawings need to include a lot of specification information regarding types of materials, thermal requirements, floor and roof joist sizes, structural elements such as steel beam, soil investigation report for foundation types, water calculation, lintel schedules and window and door schedules etc.

Sometimes an application can be sorted out at the same time as the planning submission, but occasionally, if I think there may be some planning issues with your proposals, I’ll recommend that the building regulation submissions waits until the planning is resolved.